Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amplicom PowerTel 500 Cordless Amplified Telephone

The one thing every person who is hard of hearing seeks is a telephone that is both easy to use and hearing aid compatible while also providing plenty of amplification. The search for that special all-in-one phone is over with the Amplicom PowerTel 500 Cordless Telephone.

No amplified cordless phone matches the versatility of the Amplicom PowerTel 500, which is compatible with hearing aids and also offers a ringer that increases to 90dB as well as the capability to amplify a call up to 35dB. The phone also features several other advantages that make it a must-have for the hard of hearing, including large buttons and a clear LCD (both of which benefit users who have dexterity problems), a Dot Matrix LCD display that contains two lines of text as well as a backlight, a speakerphone on the handset, nine ringer melodies and a clock and alarm function. Just as importantly, the phone is built to last—it can handle up to 11 hours of continuous conversation and 100 hours of standby power. Plus, it features a telephone book with room for 200 names and numbers.

Best of all, this phone is affordable! We are offering it for $119.99, down from a list price of $139.95. This phone has everything for the hard of hearing, so pick one up for yourself and get one for a friend or family member, too!

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