Thursday, February 2, 2012

“Hearing loop technology” enhances quality of life for the hard of hearing

People who are hard of hearing long ago accepted they would never again be able to hear clearly in public places. The background noise in boisterous venues such as a subway or concert hall often overshadows the words and music the listener is straining to hear. And even in more sedate environments such as museums, theatres and lecture halls, the most advanced of hearing aids cannot approximate the type of experience enjoyed by those with perfect hearing.

Now, though, a perfect listening experience is finally within the grasp of the hard of hearing thanks to “hearing loop technology” that is compatible with the Personal Sound Amplifier products offered by Here 4 You Today. Hearing loop technology involves loop systems being placed along the floor of the aforementioned high-traffic areas and giving off electromagnetic signals that can be transmitted and received by most hearing aids via a small, built-in receiver called a “T” coil.  The sound generated by the hearing loop technology is clear and absent of the usual background noise—the equation the hard of hearing have been seeking for so long.

Here 4 You Today is dedicated to providing the very best in quality of life products and personal sound amplifier products for the hard of hearing. All products offered by Here 4 You Today have been carefully selected and tested by our team of experts to provide the optimum combination of usability, functionality and economy. Here 4 You Today offers an exclusive a money back guarantee on all products and will match or beat any legitimate competitive price.

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