Friday, April 27, 2012

LightOn Mobile Phone Alert

The hard of hearing have long been accustomed to products that make it possible to hear a ringing telephone in their homes. But with mobile phones growing in popularity—and, in many cases, leading people to drop their landline entirely—it is essential that the hard of hearing have a visual aid to alert them when their cell phone is ringing.

Fortunately, Here 4 You Today is now offering the LightOn Mobile Phone Alert, which is compatible with any phone that has a vibrating mode and provides an affordable and efficient way to ensure the hard of hearing never miss a phone call.

The LightOn Mobile Phone Alert is different from other phone alerts in that it responds ONLY to the vibrations of a mobile phone and ignores disturbances and noises from other external sources. The device immediately alerts a user, via a flashing red light, whenever he or she receives a call or SMS on his or her mobile phone. If the user misses the call, the light remains on until he or she realizes it and resets the unit.

The LightOn Mobile Phone Alert also features a cradle that makes it easy to conduct sign language via a video call. Best of all, the system is easily portable and can be installed anywhere—home or on the road—thanks to a portable design that has no plugs and requires no installation. It is powered by just three AA 1.5V batteries.

The LightOn Mobile Phone Alert can be yours for just $69.99--$10 off the list price. Check it out today!

Here 4 You Today is dedicated to providing the very best in quality of life products and personal sound amplifier products for the hard of hearing. All products offered by Here 4 You Today have been carefully selected and tested by our team of experts to provide the optimum combination of usability, functionality and economy. Here 4 You Today offers an exclusive money back guarantee on all products and will match or beat any legitimate competitive price.

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