Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Check out some of our best-selling products!

While we are thrilled to offer hundreds of products for the hard of hearing at Hear 4 You Today, many visitors—new and returning alike—are most interested in learning about our most popular selections. So with that in mind, here's a look at five products that are easily our best-selling, most popular items:

Docs ProPlug Non Vented – Medium: These ear plugs allow those participating in swimming and other water sports plenty of comfort and protection during those summer afternoons and evenings! Each ProPlug has a watertight seal and is soft and hypo-allergenic.

Doc's ProPlug – Medium – Non Vented with Leash: Much like the above item, each ProPlug provides a watertight seal, is hypo-allergenic and provides protection and comfort for swimmers of all ages. However, these ProPlugs have a leash so that wearers can let them rest on the neck. Don’t worry about water getting into the ear plugs—they have no holes, so there's no way for the water to get in there!

Audiologist's Choice Audio Wipes Disinfectant Towelettes – Canister: Each 160 pack of disinfectant wipes will come in handy cleaning not only hearing aids and other products for the hard of hearing but anything around the house: sinks, toilets, toys, counter tops and much more! There's no alcohol in the towelettes, so rubber and plastic items will not be harmed.

Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid – Single Jar: A damp or wet hearing aid is an ineffective one, so keep it clean by placing it inside the jar every night. The special molecular sieve pellets in Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid can hold a tremendous amount of moisture and last for months at a time before needing rejuvenation. And when the Dri-Aid needs rejuvenation? The blue indicator pellets will turn opaque!

Lightweight Plastic Stethoset: Gives parents peace of mind by allowing them to quickly and decisively check the performance of a hearing aid before sending their children off to school. The test takes just 30 seconds and will indicate if the hearing aid is distorted or weakened. The stethoset is a comfortable fit for all wearers and the eartips can be removed easily in order to clean and/or replace them.

Hear 4 You Today (www.hear4youtoday.com) is dedicated to providing the very best in quality of life aids and personal sound amplifier products for the hard of hearing. All items offered by Hear 4 You Today have been carefully selected and tested by our team of experts to provide the optimum combination of usability, functionality and economy. Hear 4 You Today offers an exclusive money back guarantee on all products and will match or beat any legitimate competitive price.

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