Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deciding Which Kind of Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP) is Best

Personal Sound Amplifiers (also known as PSAP’s) are designed either to fit inside the ear or behind the ear.  To find out which one would work best for you…read along!!

There are a few factors that would help you determine whether you would want a Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP) that fits either in your ear or behind your ear is the best and right choice for you.


First…many consumers assume that a PSAP that fits in the ear would automatically be the best choice, but that is not entirely true.  For example, some in the ear (I.T.E) models can be more difficult to place in your ear and stay securely in the bowl of your ear so they won’t fall out.  This can be slightly problematic since everyone’s ears are built differently.  These PSAP units are designed quite small and very thin so it can be difficult to know how securely the PSAP is sitting in your ear.
Second…It is important that the opening of the PSAP where the sound comes out is aimed into your ear canal. If it doesn’t sit properly at the opening of your ear canal you will hear very little or possibly nothing at all.


Behind the Ear PSAPs offer some excellent benefits as well.  Although these PSAP’s are slightly larger, they become easier to handle and sit behind the ear.  The body of the unit rests comfortably behind your ear with the very slim ear wire, which carries the sound, hooking around the front of your Pinna and then the tip of the wire sits right outside the opening of the ear canal.  Since it sits behind your ear,  it is easier to make sure that it is sitting securely on your ear.  For added security, you will know that the wire hooks around the ear.  The tip of the ear wire can be easily checked for sound,  by making sure it is aimed directly into your ear canal.  This feature makes it less likely to disrupt or displace the PSAP itself.

Either way, consumers will be very happy with their Personal Sound Amplifier purchase.  Some consumers will find the I.T.E. PSAP to be more comfortable to wear while other consumers will prefer the B.T.E. PSAP because of its ease of handling and its featherweight also making it very comfortable to wear.  We hope this has given you some help in figuring out which style of PSAP is right for you.   For further information or any other questions regarding PSAP’s please visit our website at .

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